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My name is Sam and I make jewelry. This blog serves as a personal archive as well as a place to gather opinions and possibly do a bit of advertising. Everything I post on this blog is handmade by me and most of it is for sale on my Etsy shop. Thank you so much for browsing and please send me an ask if you have any questions or comments!

New Design - Oculus Pendants! →
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Pattern for Oculus Reversible Pendant with Lunasoft Cabs! 

Pattern Available Here

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Beaded Kumihimo Braids and How to Plan Them →

Wrote a post on my blog about beaded kumihimos and how I plan them out using online tools. Check it out, if you get the chance! Lots of free tips and pictures of finished pieces. 

— 3 weeks ago
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Adventures in Bead Storage →

Moving is hard, but I wrote a blog post about my new bead room!

— 4 weeks ago
This Little Beader Went to Market →

Wrote a blog post about my haul from the bead show today and included some general tips about shopping at bead shows! 

— 1 month ago
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Here There Be Dragons! →

Wrote a blog post about making a beaded dragon for a friend, then I got distracted with links to free dragon tutorials. 

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Bridget's Modeling Career →

New blog post about my pattern publishing routine and also my cat’s introduction into modeling, 

— 2 months ago
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Pattern for Stash Worm Bracelet Available Here

This is a pattern only. It does not include materials or a finished product.

Materials Needed:
Seed beads 11/0 - 8-12 grams
Seed beads 6/0 - 8-12 grams
6lb/8lb Fireline
Clasp of Choice

This bracelet is named both because it looks like a woolly worm and because it is a great way to use up those almost empty vials in your bead stash! Mix up all your extras to make a lovely bead soup for the fluffy embellishment! 

This pattern will teach you how to make this beautiful bracelet with step-by-step computer illustrated instructions. No experience is needed to complete this pattern, although general beadweaving knowledge will of course be useful.

The instructions and diagrams are for the skinny version of the bracelet (peach and blue bracelets in the pictures above), but instructions are included for the necessary changes to make the wide version (the bracelet with the gold button).

Bracelets made from this pattern may be sold, provided they are not mass produced and I am given credit as the designer. This pattern cannot be shared, taught, or reproduced in any way without my permission.

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